Golubac (Danube 1042 km)

The Golubac Fortress (SerbianГолубачки град or Golubački gradHungarianGalambóc váraBulgarianГълъбецRomanianCetatea GolubățTurkishGüvercinlik Kalesi) was a medieval fortified town on the south side of the Danube River, 4 km downstream from the modern-day town of GolubacSerbia. The fortress, which was most likely built during the 14th century, is split into three compounds which were built in stages. It has ten towers, most of which started square, and several of which received many-sided reinforcements with the advent of firearms.

Golubac Fortress has had a tumultuous history. Prior to its construction it was the site of a Roman settlement. During the Middle Ages, it became the object of many battles, especially between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. It changed hands repeatedly, passing between TurksBulgariansHungariansSerbs, and Austrians, until 1867, when it was turned over to the Serbian KnezMihailo Obrenović III. Now, it is a popular tourist attraction in the region and a sightseeing point on Danube boat tours.

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